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Other voices
2010 & 2011 archive of links to stories from other sources
Note: all links were live and valid at the time of original posting; any dead links are the result of moved or deleted content on the linked-to web sites
Prior archive of stories from other web sites:


HOORAY! Patten NOT endorsed by ex-mayor Ed Martin
Best news of the election so far: political kiss of death awarded to Sherman
-- Ed Martin's blog, 10/22/11

Sherman: Venice is small business, small business is Venice
Residents' concerns are apparently optional
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/22/11

Attention John Simmonds and Winston Wilmore: You are now much closer to getting your money back from Art Nadel
Attorney Burt Wiand is now pretty much done raping the leftover funds for his legal fees, now a little will go to Nadel's victims
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/22/11

Ah, so it is Bob Vedder whose knickers are in a bunch about the Foundation Formerly Known As Venice
Crap. We were hoping it might be someone with integrity, but this group picked the one person in town as a spokesman who could make Terri Hansen look like a standup citizen. Crappity crap crap crap.
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/17/11

Patten on the campaign trail, cue the David Bowie music: Fuh-Fuh-Fuh-Fuh-Fashion
For the record, those were shined and polished Oxfords -- I have NEVER EVER owned a pair of loafers (ewwwwwww)
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/18/11

Somebody's knickers are bunched in a wad over Terri Hansen and the Foundation Formerly Known As Venice
Would the people responsible for this site kindly give me a phone call? Hello? Anyone home?
--, launched 10/15/11

Ed Martin accused of cheating in Scrabble championship game
Opponent demands Martin be strip-searched to locate missing 'G' tile
-- London Daily Telegraph, 10/17/11

Eric Ernst reports that Venice Florida! dot com's Patten is on his best behavior in election bid
Patten responds by stealing Ernst's favorite living room rug -- you know, the one that brings the room together
-- Eric Ernst, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/12/11

Federal Office of Inspector General targets Sharkey's lease for cronyism
OIG states the city has lost millions due to sweetheart leases over the years; Dan Boone imitates Simpsons' Mr. Burns, rubs hands with glee, heard to say "Excellent!"
-- Sarasota Herald Tribune, 10/06/11

Airport audit from OIG: Venice is a bunch of crooks ripping off the airport; City Hall to OIG: Hey, no fair, we're Venice, we do things differently
Still unresolved is why The Sopranos was filmed in New Jersey instead of here
-- Eric Ernst, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/09/11

Rotary/Sertoma candidate forum a disappointingly bloodless affair
Even moderator C.J. Fishman behaved like a gentleman... what is wrong with this picture?
(note: this site did ask for a minor correction about the hotel on the airport issue)
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/06/11

Donna Swoyer of Venice files ethics complaint against Vern Buchanan over election fundraising fraud
Complaint filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics; in other news, there is apparently such a thing as Congressional Ethics -- who knew?
-- Florida Independent, 09/30/11

Here's a thought: let's save a few bucks by moving some Venice Police operations up to Sarasota
Sure, it'll cause delays and glitches by 911 responders who barely know where Venice is, but really: isn't safety a highly overvalued concept? And look at all the money we'll save!!!
-- Eric Ernst, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/03/11

Sarasota Herald-Tribune sees no problem with continuing FREE HEALTH INSURANCE FOR LIFE for the crooked Venice pols who illegally gave it to themselves
Well, as long is it is turned into CHEAP HEALTH INSURANCE FOR LIFE, then it'll be somewhat less illegal
-- editorial, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/01/11

Sarasota/Manatee down 46,000 jobs over past five years
See? Look at all the wonderful things land development has brought us
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/01/11

City council elections: McKeon in, 4 vie for John Moore's seat
Things could get pretty funny in the next few weeks
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 09/12/11

Herald-Trib reviews Harry Walia's "Patti's" restaurant
"That Ahi Tuna Pastrami involves rubbing the fish in pastrami seasoning, but it turns out to be one of those dishes whose description sounds better than it is... Service was good but overly chatty."
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 09/16/11

Budway, Gondo's Giles win scumbags of the year awards for spitting on Levine's grave
Gondo's Greg Giles goes lower than ever thought possible as he takes the opportunity of excusing Budway's mismanagement to give the probably not-final finger to Herb Levine's family and friends
-- Venice Gondolier Scumbaggier, 12/08/10

If you eat at Sharky's, maybe you oughtta pass on ordering the squab
Chicken, turkey, and eagle may be suspect menu items as well; Poisoning pigeons in the park goes mainstream as dying birds plummet onto tourists and fisherman on the Venice Pier
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 12/09/10 

City to Police Chief Julie Williams: Go with God, but go (oh, and we'll give you $40,000 if you keep your mouth shut)
Gondo story ||| Herald-Trib story

City Manager Isaac Turner pays off Williams in a golden parachute contract that forbids the disgraced ex-cop from ever saying anything bad about Turner... nope, nothing funny going on here
-- both stories 11/10/10

Old and busted: Lang, Zavodnyik, Happer;
New hotness: CQG's meat puppets, who now own a majority of city council for the next two years minimum

Mayor Ho... Mayor Ho.... no, please don't make me say it... Mayor Ho... just kill me now...
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 11/03/10

Land developers rejoice as Amendment 4, Home Town Democracy, goes down the tubes
Which is great, as the next generation of mortgage fraud victims are just learning how to walk; the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 11/03/10

Herald-Trib endorses Happer, Zavodnyik, Lang
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/16/10

Everybody loves Chief Williams... except Councilman Emilio Carlesimo... and Venice Florida! dot com... and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune... and 40% of her own police department... but other than that, she's doing just dandy
Best quote comes from City Manager Isaac Turner: "

15-story upscale condo building recently updated to include Magic Fingers in all floors and walls
Units going fast, so contact a realtor today
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 07/07/10

Williams takes a new tale out for a test spin: Ya know when I admitted to lying about a previous lie that I told to council? Yeah, well, I wasn't exactly being truthful about that, either
Note to the Chief: There's a difference between artful political spin and a speeding out-of-control nuclear-powered freakish merry-go-round from Hell
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 07/01/10

Williams fires back: I'm a very good administrator, up and down the driveway, up and down the driveway
Beleaguered chief states that Lt. Mike Rose had permission from an as-yet unnamed supervisor to work at his bait shop on police department time, accuses Serianni of exiting police vehicle in a "defiant" manner -- yeah, we have no idea what that means, either
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/26/10

Venice officer claims hostile work environment
Officer Demitri Serianni claims the recent discipline against him was in retaliation for requesting records that show that Lt. Mike Rose regularly went to his Mahi Mac's Bait & Tackle shop in Nokomis while on duty
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/25/10

Ed Martin: I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected
Gondo story ||| Herald-Trib story
Hizzoner drops acid, fantasizes that he's General  Sherman in 1884, then gets into a piss-fest with that other idiot, Calamaras, over who was the worst mayor ever in the history of Venice -- YO, GUYS: pot, kettle, you both sucked, it's a tie
-- both 06/23/10

A tale of one city: The calm before Ed Martin's storm
For one night and one night only, Hizzoner manages to stop the deafening suck that is ripping his soul to shreds
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/17/10

Mogensen's guaranteed win lawsuit to stop construction at Ed Smith Stadium? Eh, that's suddenly not looking so good
Who knew Judge Bennett liked the Orioles? We'd always pegged him as a Red Sox fan
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/17/10

Dear ex-Sheriff Bill Balkwill: Do not pass Go, do not collect $200 or your old laptop
Balkwill deleted public record emails, Judge Bennett deletes Balkwill
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/17/10

FAA investigating more claims of revenue diversion at Mohamed Atta Memorial Airport in Venice
Crooked things going on? Bent politicians? In Venice? Naaaaah, that could never happen
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/16/10

Those oil booms that are supposed to prevent the beaches from getting slimed? Yeah, well there's just a wee problem with them
For starters, they don't work at all, not even a little bit... but they are impressive looking
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/12/10

London's Mayor Boris Johnson wants us to be kinder to BP
Johnson wants sympathy for the beleaguered company, as "it is paying a very, very heavy price" for what was essentially an honest accident -- sorry, Boris, fresh out of that sympathy thing, but we do have plenty of oil, suddenly, and you are plenty welcome to all you can clean up
UK TimesOnline, 06/10/10

Water to cost more because Venice residents are idiots and are now getting their just desserts
How did we get to here? Let's start with that $2 or $3 million project a few years back that was solely for the purpose of getting reuse water to the ponds at the airport golf course -- remember how much Herb Levine and this web site bitched about that? Remember how we were made fun of when we said this day would come? Well, this day has come.
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/09/10

For the first time since Julie Williams joined VPD, police wrongdoing does NOT result in an internal investigation; Reason: this time it involves one of her buddies
We know Lt. Mike Rose didn't use city resources in his own business because the chief asked him and Rose said "no;" -- well, alright then, that solves everything... wait... WHAT??? (oh, this is so NOT going away, Julie!)
-- Venice Gonzolier-Bun, 06/05/10

Venice to join OPEC
Say goodbye to "Gulf Coast" marketing materials, say hello to signs like "Welcome to Venice on the Beautiful Oil Coast of Florida
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/09/10

Massive flow of bullshit continues to gush from BP headquarters
-- The Onion, 06/07/10

Bullying at VPD to continue unabated
Cops blame cops for documents that the city clerk gives out to the media, as one cop tells another 'you're my bitch so just shut up'
--, 05/27/10
Mayor claims only a small percentage of cops are being bullied by police administration, so it is really not a problem that anyone should be too concerned about
-- Ed Martin's blog, 05/26/10

Facebook users aren't buying what the chief is selling: ""Hey Julie: That's the way to shove this off onto someone else!!!"
-- Facebook, 05/26/10

Police can now get permission to collect city pay for work at a non-city job
If caught by the chief, she'll politely ask you to stop because it's not nice
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 05/26/10

Venice police back in the murder investigation biz, arrest suspect in death at area hotel
Contrary to popular rumor, the VPD is actually legally empowered to make arrests for things like speeding, bicycle theft, and the occasional murder
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 05/25/10

Police chief under fire from Herald-Trib, council getting paint and brushes ready for whitewash job
Best quote comes from the mayor: "You try not to get in the middle of these things;" translation: "I have no clue whatsoever, but the city manager tells me not to worry, everything is just fine and dandy"
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 05/23/10

Drug house busted and shut down at first indication in Charlotte County -- now that's the way to do it
Chief Williams, you reading this? Hello? Anyone home?
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 05/22/10

Young adults, cops clash at gas station over Tyler Spann shooting
This does not bode well, bad things can only come of this
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, updated 05/22/10

VIDEO: Dick Vitale wants you to know that our beaches are fine
BONUS IMAGE THAT WILL SCAR YOUR PSYCHE FOR LIFE: Oh look -- C.J. Fishman and Sue Lang are walking on the beach, holding hands -- isn't that cute? Or is it a sign of the coming apocalypse? I forget.
-- video, YouTube, posted 05/21/10

Another "Friend of Art Nadel" gets nailed
Sitting in front of a computer with your underpants at your ankles while drooling at pictures of pie charts on the screen is no way to go through life, son
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 05/20/10

Want to sell some crack? Heroin? Want to go batshiat crazy and just start beating on everyone you see?
If that's you, welcome to Venice. Our police department would like you to stay as long as you like. Here, have a fruit basket with our compliments.
-- Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 05/14/10


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